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Pray the Way!

The power of prayer in mission

Dec. 6, 2010

As the holidays approach and stress begins to mount, most people find themselves overscheduled, overstuffed and overfull of the nonstop barrage of consumer culture. As we enter this new time of challenge and renewal, Presbyterian World Mission wants to engage in dialogue about the lessons we learn from the mission field, the stories that bring perspective to the bustling American holiday season and how we pray through our challenges at home and abroad. Please join us the discussion about how we pray, what our prayers can do for ourselves and others, and how we learn to Pray the Way.

Book list

Communion of Life
Meditations for the New Millennium
By Chris Glaser

Opening to God
Childlike Prayers for Adults
By Marilyn McCord Adams

Prayer, 50th Anniversary Edition
By Karl Barth

Prayers from the Reformed Tradition
By Diane Karay-Tripp

Praying with the Bible
By Philip Law

Reformed Spirituality
An Introduction for Believers
By Howard L. Rice

Seeds of the Spirit
Wisdom of the Twentieth Century
By Richard H. Bell, Barbara L. Battin

Spirituality and Liberation
Overcoming the Great Fallacy
By Robert McAfee Brown

The Westminster Collection of Christian Prayers
By Dorothy M. Stewart

The Westminster Collection of Christian Quotations
By Martin H. Manser

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